Growing as much food on as little land for as little money as possible

Emergency Fund

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Emergency Fund

Our first step towards becoming debt free is to build an emergency fund of at least £1000.

You might think that it would be better to just pay £1000 of your debts but it is the lack of an emergency fund that got us into debt in the first place.

Always having at least £1000 in cash stashed away means if the car breaks down or if one of the dogs has to go to the vets we will be able to cope and not have to borrow any money or not pay someone else.

Ultimately I would like to save 3 months wages but that will have to wait


Author: tinyallotment

Dedicated to living a simple, independent, self reliant life where money is not the main factor. My dream is to engineer a life that requires very little from the outside world. I would like to provide my own shelter, collect my own water, grow, catch, hunt, forage my own food, create my own energy and deal with my own waste. This dream all starts in a tiny allotment in Cornwall where I will be experimenting in growing food, generating energy and dealing with waste.

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