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Update on ‘The Dog’s Bollocks’

All is well with Indy, our dog with the over sized testicle I told you about in this post

He is now relaxing on the bed, sans bollocks, and all appears well. He has not lost his interest in food and he seems quite happy albeit a little woozy.

This has been a very stressful day and we are very relieved to all be back home safe.




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The Dogs Bollocks

Our 14 years old dog Indy was doing what happy dogs do and writhing around on his back on the bed when we noticed that he had an unfeasibly large testicle. So a visit to the Vet ensued and we have been advised to have his testicles removed at a cost of £288. Not only that, they charged us £28 for a five minute consultation to tell us it was going to cost £288.

This is exactly the reason why we need to get our emergency fund in place. We don’t have a spare £288 at the moment but our dog needs an operation so we have no choice but to not pay someone else we should be paying thus adding to our debt. See how it works?

Time to put some more valuable items on ebay I think. I didn’t want to start selling the more valuable items until we had become more experienced but now we have little choice.

Oh well, we had to sell this stuff at some point. it may as well be now