Growing as much food on as little land for as little money as possible


Hi, Aman here.

Although this blog is going to be mainly about small scale intensive food production on a very tiny allotment I will also be covering other subjects of great interest to me including:

  • Frugal and simple living
  • Self Reliance
  • Alternative Energy
  • Libertarianism/Anarchism
  • Becoming Debt Free

I am very interested in self reliant living. I believe the government both on a local, national and global scale has too much say in how I live my life and it is my intention to use any legal means to distance myself from the influence of the government.

All the opinions published on this blog are my own based on what I have read and experienced. I do not aim to tell anyone  what I do is the right way to do anything. What works for me may not work for you. My main aim is to show you that there is another way of doing things and you don’t have to do something the way it has always been done. Question everything.

Growing your own food is a fantastic place to start on the road to self reliance. At the moment there is little restriction on what you can grow, how you grow it and what you do with it when you have grown it. By growing some of your own food you have more of a say in what you put into your body and the bodies of your family. You  also become a little bit more resilient and less vulnerable to disruption. At Tiny Allotment we are concentrating more on trying new growing techniques like the barrel garden and aquaponics which will eventually help us to grow enough food to live on in a very small and easy to manage space.
I also like to challenge widely held views on life and ideas that people believe as fact without them being proven. Thing like why we have to dig the garden each year and rotate crops, why we allow some plants to grow in our gardens and others we pull out or poison and much more.

Producing some of your own power or better still reducing the amount of power you use is another great path to freedom. In the near future we hope to build a simple solar power system at the allotment to power the pumps and the control and monitoring systems for the Aquaponics system.

Getting out of debt is a massive thing for me. We are kept in place by the debt we have. You will never feel free until you are debt free.

Another thing we are interested in is DIY. Not home improvements as much -although we do do that- but instead of waiting for someone else to do something or paying someone else we just get on with it and do it ourselves. That is why you may find posts of car or bicycle repair etc

I will be exploring all of these subjects and more over the coming months

I hope you will join me


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Aman !,

    Great site , well laid out and some interesting points raised….well done matey !!….Thomas

  2. Loving you blog!
    (I’ve sneaked over from a gardening forum) I’m experimenting with no dig on my tiny allotment of 25ft x 45ft but have found that couch grass and bindweed take advantage. I agree totally that the state has far too much control over us and that increased self reliance is our best defence.

    • Thanks Muddled
      I am glad you are trying the no dig method. We have had some great results and yes we do get a few weeds but much less than when we used to dig. We just chop the weeds off at the surface and either let them rot on the surface or put them in the compost.
      Do you have a blog to document your growing?

  3. Yep…this is me http://goneplotterin.blogspot.co.uk/ I started way back in about 2006 but then life happened (as it does 😉 ) and everything went a bit pete tong. Then this year I got a new, though really small, allotment and I’m starting again from scratch. I’m thinking I need to ‘clean’ the ground first by a combination of black plastic, time and then an initial digging before making some lovely lasagne beds. Otherwise the couch grass and bindweed strangle everything! Soil is thick London clay so needs breaking up a bit too.

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