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April 2015 Update

Things are starting to happen on the tiny allotment. The barrel garden I built last year is starting to look really good with early onions, garlic, strawberries, and salad all springing to life.

Barrel garden April 2015

The bucket below the barrel catches water that leaches from the barrel. This nutrient rich water would normally be lost but we catch it and return it to the top of the barrel so nothing is wasted.

Nutrient rich water from the barrel garden

The pond is also coming to life with lots of water plants, snails and other invertebrates inhabiting the depths. We also have plenty of tadpoles swimming about so hopefully we should end up with a healthy population of slug eating frogs later in the year.
The gunera  on the island in the pond is starting to come back to life after it’s winter’s hibernation. This will help shade the pond from the summer heat and the comfrey root I planted in a pot last year is growing and is in flower. i will have to decide where I am going to plant this as I need a lot of comfrey for making liquid feed and as a medicinal herb.

The pond island April 2015

The purple sprouting broccoli is still producing well and the more the pigeons eat it the more it sprouts.

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

The Rhubarb Malcolm gave me earlier in the year has suddenly started to grow like crazy. It started out like a small green brain


and within a couple of days looked like this

We also had a big delivery of manure so I managed to fill all my new beds ready for the season.

New beds for 2015

I used home made compost as a top dressing and this bed has now been planted with strawberries as a cover crop. The hope is that over the next couple of years the strawberries will spread out to cover most of the soil surface protecting the soil from wind, rain and sun and suppressing weeds and we will interplant with other crops.

I also had enough compost to top dress the bed in the tunnel where we will grow tomatoes and cucumber etc

Homemade compost

Bed for tomatoes and cucumbers

The other big thing happening is we have started building our geodesic dome greenhouse.

We have installed the base and this weekend we are going to get it perfectly level and round and paint it with wood preserver.

Geodesic Dome Base

And work has started on making the 103 triangles needed to build the dome.

Hexagon panel for geodesic dome

I will be doing a complete write up on thee construction of the dome on it’s own page here when the dome is complete.

Seeds are starting to germinate in the tunnel. This picture was taken this morning.

Chard, beetroot, pumpkin and walking stick kale to name but a few

I love this time of year. this change so quickly so i will be posting more often again.

More soon


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Pond is now filled

As I posted before  we gave up on the idea of a puddled clay pond as it was too much work on a piece of land we don’t own plus I got a surplus pond liner so we thought sod it let’s just get it done.

I filled the pond to a height so that the water level is just goes over the island in the centre. I placed a Gunnera on the island and then surrounded the pot with sods of earth removed when digging the hole.

I built up the sides with earth from the hole  and then covered the edges of the liner with sods and bermed earth.

This will all become a lot more natural looking once vegetation has re established itself again.

I noticed there was a water boatman in there this morning. How thee hell did that get there?

There are a couple of shallow areas that I am going to use for aquatic plants plus I may put some fish in there and then pump the water through a couple of growbeds to keep the water fresh.

Pond day 1

More later



Natural Pond for the Tiny Allotment

I have decided to try and build a natural pond on the tiny allotment in order to introduce a bit more bio diversity to the plot.  I am hoping it will attract newts and frogs and all manner of aquatic flora and fauna.

It will also be somewhere for the ducks to paddle if we decide to get a couple of Indian Runners.

Because I never seen to do anything the easy, normal way I have decided to try and do without the plastic or rubber liner. I am going to see if I can waterproof the pond using the clay dig out of the hole.

I have no idea if this is going to work but if it doesn’t I can always admit defeat and use a liner.

Pond day 1


As you can see from the above picture I am going to have an island in my pond. Always wanted to own an island. I am going to plant a Gunnera on the island to shade the pond in the simmer.

I will post more photos as the project progresses