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Lovely relaxing day at the tiny allotment

After a physically tiring day yesterday working on the barrel garden today I just spent a couple of hours chilling out and doing some odd jobs.

It was a beautiful day and quite warm for the time of year and the allotment is looking great in the sun

Tiny Allotment in the October sun

I cut the grass around the outside of my plot just to keep it looking tidy and I thought I would show you my grass cutting equipment. For long grass and nettles etc I use a small single handed scythette which id great when you get the hang of it, For shorter grass I use a manual push mower and now I have sharpened the blades and adjusted it it does a really good job. For around the edges I either rip the grass out with my hands or use shears.

Push mower, Scythette and shears.

I also got a chance to just sit in the sun with a coffee and play the Ukulele. Got to enjoy the weather while it lasts.

Ukulele in the sun

I did also cut the legs for the barrel garden project but I didn’t have any suitable bolts at the allotment so they will have to be fitted in the week sometime.

Legs for the barrel garden

More soon