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Pond is now filled

As I posted before  we gave up on the idea of a puddled clay pond as it was too much work on a piece of land we don’t own plus I got a surplus pond liner so we thought sod it let’s just get it done.

I filled the pond to a height so that the water level is just goes over the island in the centre. I placed a Gunnera on the island and then surrounded the pot with sods of earth removed when digging the hole.

I built up the sides with earth from the hole  and then covered the edges of the liner with sods and bermed earth.

This will all become a lot more natural looking once vegetation has re established itself again.

I noticed there was a water boatman in there this morning. How thee hell did that get there?

There are a couple of shallow areas that I am going to use for aquatic plants plus I may put some fish in there and then pump the water through a couple of growbeds to keep the water fresh.

Pond day 1

More later