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Natural Pond for the Tiny Allotment

I have decided to try and build a natural pond on the tiny allotment in order to introduce a bit more bio diversity to the plot.  I am hoping it will attract newts and frogs and all manner of aquatic flora and fauna.

It will also be somewhere for the ducks to paddle if we decide to get a couple of Indian Runners.

Because I never seen to do anything the easy, normal way I have decided to try and do without the plastic or rubber liner. I am going to see if I can waterproof the pond using the clay dig out of the hole.

I have no idea if this is going to work but if it doesn’t I can always admit defeat and use a liner.

Pond day 1


As you can see from the above picture I am going to have an island in my pond. Always wanted to own an island. I am going to plant a Gunnera on the island to shade the pond in the simmer.

I will post more photos as the project progresses