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Lovely relaxing day at the tiny allotment


After a physically tiring day yesterday working on the barrel garden today I just spent a couple of hours chilling out and doing some odd jobs.

It was a beautiful day and quite warm for the time of year and the allotment is looking great in the sun

Tiny Allotment in the October sun

I cut the grass around the outside of my plot just to keep it looking tidy and I thought I would show you my grass cutting equipment. For long grass and nettles etc I use a small single handed scythette which id great when you get the hang of it, For shorter grass I use a manual push mower and now I have sharpened the blades and adjusted it it does a really good job. For around the edges I either rip the grass out with my hands or use shears.

Push mower, Scythette and shears.

I also got a chance to just sit in the sun with a coffee and play the Ukulele. Got to enjoy the weather while it lasts.

Ukulele in the sun

I did also cut the legs for the barrel garden project but I didn’t have any suitable bolts at the allotment so they will have to be fitted in the week sometime.

Legs for the barrel garden

More soon

Author: tinyallotment

Dedicated to living a simple, independent, self reliant life where money is not the main factor. My dream is to engineer a life that requires very little from the outside world. I would like to provide my own shelter, collect my own water, grow, catch, hunt, forage my own food, create my own energy and deal with my own waste. This dream all starts in a tiny allotment in Cornwall where I will be experimenting in growing food, generating energy and dealing with waste.

2 thoughts on “Lovely relaxing day at the tiny allotment

  1. Your allotment looks like heaven to me, I just try to grow as much as I can in surburban back yard in Western Australia. I just gave away two of those blue barrels from your preivous post. I thought I had no use for them but now realise I should of kept them.

    • It is amasing what you can grow in a small space if you step outside of what is considered conventional gardening. The barrel garden would work well in your climate as the barrel retains and recycles water so it uses a lot less water that a normal garden.
      I know what it is like when you get rid of something you later find a use for but that is life. I tend to surround myself with stuff I think might come in handy one day but then I can’t find anything and I get frustrated by all the clutter. We live in a throw away society so materials will always come up if you look for them. We no longer have to surround ourselves with clutter if we can make use of other peoples clutter.

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