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The shed and the lean to polytunnel


We needed a shed for the allotment because I mainly visit the plot by bike so carrying tools etc is not an option. It is also nice to have somewhere to get out of the weather and make a coffee. Jules put out a call on Network Cornwall and we were offered a shed for free if we dismantles it and took it away. The shed is in a bit of a state and needs a few repairs but it will be fine for a years or so. I do need to replace some roof felt  as rain is coming in but I was given an off-cut of felt that should cover it so not much else needs doing to the shed for now. We were hoping to build a Geodesic Dome Greenhouse over the  winter but the weather and our finances got in the way and we didn’t achieve that particular goal so as a temporary solution we decided to build a lean to polytunnel off the side of the shed.

We wombled a load of roof battening from an old house that was having a new roof fitted and I found a load of blue alkathene pipe that some kind person had fly tipped by the side of a country lane. We needed an offcut of polytunnel plastic to complete the project so it was back to Network Cornwall. We were offered a good size off-cut of brand new plastic. A farmer had recently re covered his huge tunnel and has some left over. We travelled up to Par Market to pick it up and after a £10 donation to the farmers favourite charity we cam back to the allotment to start the tunnel build. By the end of the day we had the hoops erected and the the cover on albeit in a slapdash fashion and by Sunday we had it looking pretty good

I ran out of wood to finish this side and build a door but I knew we had some more old roof batten at work so the door would have to wait another day.

Monday evening after work I carried on with the build and finally finished about 8 o’clock but it is now a usable polly tunnel. Cost so far about £15

I made a minor cock up with the door and covered the wrong side with plastic so ended up covering both sides of the door so now it is double glazed so to speak.

Next step will be the guttering and repair the shed roof so we can collect rain water in the water butts inside the tunnel



Author: tinyallotment

Dedicated to living a simple, independent, self reliant life where money is not the main factor. My dream is to engineer a life that requires very little from the outside world. I would like to provide my own shelter, collect my own water, grow, catch, hunt, forage my own food, create my own energy and deal with my own waste. This dream all starts in a tiny allotment in Cornwall where I will be experimenting in growing food, generating energy and dealing with waste.

4 thoughts on “The shed and the lean to polytunnel

  1. Great greenhouse and shed for an even better price! Wish I had a space to build on…hmm maybe when we finally move 🙂

  2. Fantastic. Love the double glazed door!

    • Thanks Dan. We did not plan to have a double glazed door but that is what happens when you are rushing.
      It actually worked out well because the door spends most of it’s time open in the summer and if we did not have plastic on the inside of the door as well the wood would have been exposed to the elements.

  3. Hi
    how did you secure the plastic to the piping and the wood for the door to the polytunnel? I need a similar lean to for mine. Thanks

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